Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rosie Blogs the Primaries: Florida

I'm getting a little irritated that work keeps scheduling me for election nights. Sigh... I'll get to actually see one of the primaries one of these days. No way am I missing Super Tuesday.

Anyway, I got home from work yesterday at around eight and found that CNN had already called the Florida race for Mitt Romney, no surprises there.

Mitt's victory speech was... less than inspiring. He's really not a compelling speaker. Say what you like about the president, but he's got much more charisma, and he gives much more powerful speeches. Maybe stuff like that shouldn't matter in politics, but whether it should or not, it does.

One thing I noticed last night: the Republicans love to talk up how they're going to downsize government. They're all like "Less government! Yaaaaaaaay!" and then they proceed to go "Obama wants to cut the military! BOOOOOO!". So apparently, it's less government, unless guns are involved.

I think Ron Paul is crazy, but at least he's consistent with his message of "Shrink ALL the things!". The hypocrisy of the rest of them is really what gets me.

Speaking of hypocrites, I find it highly ironic that Newt Gingrich is getting all the votes from the evangelical Christians. I mean, dude. He's been married three times, and he had a six-year affair. That's real conservative of you, Newt.

Also, if there are any Doctor Who fans out there, you may appreciate this: Newt Gingrich is totally a Dalek. "EXTERMINATE" is pretty much the only thing he ever says. And honestly, in this primary I think he's pretty much just out for blood. It's not likely that he'll win, but he hates Mitt Romney enough that he's going to sink in his teeth and carry it all the way to the end.

Overall: pretty uneventful primary. No particularly interesting speeches, no surprise results, no contest. The only mildly interesting thing coming out of this: Newt Gingrich didn't call Mitt Romney to congratulate him on his win.

Okay, really? How middle-school can you get? Firstly, Newt, for being such a sore loser. And secondly, Romney, for being upset about it. It's just so... immature. You're grown men. Get over it.

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